five favorite blogs right now

BLOG #1: Fine Fine Books


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Saskia Nickles’s Fine Fine Books is a German-based picture book blog with a focus on gorgeous illustration. It’s an absolute treasure of very fine international books. They’re always beautiful. They’re always unusual.


“I always prefer the weird and off beat books to the mainstream brand named ones.”





BLOG #2: Mr. Printables



Mr. Printables is THE place to find free, printable templates for personal or small classroom use. Printables of what? Amazing crafts, toys, puzzles, and other stuff like that. That doesn’t describe them well enough though—they’re modern, colorful, fun, and define the world playful.





BLOG #3: Thirsty for Tea

My friend Bonnie is also an amazing food blogger at Thirsty for Tea. She made an incredible The Little Prince cake that’s a must see along with miniature quilted petit fours to go along with it. If you like food or tea (yes, please!), this is one classy, creative place to visit. (Have I ever mentioned that as a general rule I always drink tea when at my computer?)





BLOG #4: Handmade Charlotte



This blog’s all about kids and crafts and DIY. It’s where you go for how to turn a cereal box into a constellation light box. Or cool stuff to do with ice. See what I mean?





BLOG #5: Yummy Books: Recipes for Literature


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A classic literature and culinary education by Cara Nicoletti who is a butcher (expect some meaty recipes), blogger, writer, and cook. She’s made a Harriet the Spy tomato sandwich. And whipped up Where the Red Fern Grows cornbread. (That book. Oh, that book.)



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Check em out!

And here’s my first installment of blogs I like from last October.

Feel free to share any of your must read blogs in the comments!

3 Responses to five favorite blogs right now

  1. Okay, for me it’s a toss up between constellation cereal box and fruit selection. Oh and Le Petit Prince mini cakes, out of this world gorgeous.

  2. Oh my goodness! What fun! I can see why their your favorite right now! The cereal box is my fave!

  3. I am absolutely inspired by Anna Vaivare. Thanks for sharing. I just ordered Swimming Pool!

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