Books with pictures are the best, right?!

This blog brings picture books to life through crafts, roundups, recipes, and other fun stuff. 

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My name is Danielle Davis. I live in Los Angeles. I write books for young readers. I’ve got an M.A. in literature and creative writing and my background is in teaching English to middle school and community college students as well as freelance writing and blogging.


My first picture book, illustrated by Mags DeRoma, is TO MAKE. Find out all about it and get some goodies to go with this book that celebrates and inspires creativity and making of all kinds right here!










My first novel for middle readers is ZINNIA AND THE BEES. 












And I’m the creator of This Writer’s Life, a YouTube series for 8 to 12-year-olds and their classrooms that peeks into the creative writing process. I teach online workshops to groups of kids as well.