niño wrestles the world + viva lucha libre masks


nino-wrestles-the-worldNiño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales is the most live action, as it happens picture book I’ve ever read.

Guys, there’s an announcer! At least, that’s what the circus-like font tells me when it says, “Senoras Y Senores, Put your hands together for the fantastic, spectacular, one of a kind…NIÑO!”








I’m positive it’s to be read loudly and confidently, possibly with a microphone.

Niño wrestles a number of opponents while his sisters nap. The text and illustrations are bold, bold, bold!





You don’t really need to know what lucha libre (Mexican Wrestling) is to enjoy this book, but it’s a great introduction for kids (with info at the end). I especially like how lucha libre and Spanish words are woven in seamlessly through the story. The story is primero.




And the twist at the end brings it all home to anyone with siblings perfectly.




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Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.01.32 PM


My husband got the above lucha libre-inspired mask at our local farmers’ market around Halloween one year. I wish I could credit the maker because, well, isn’t it great?!



Yuyi Morales has printable masks for all the characters in the book right on her website! Niño, of course, as well as all of his opponents.



Here’s a slew of printable templates from Happy Thought. Que lindo!




DIY wooden peg lucha libres from The Knitty Gritty Homestead too!




This Astro Kid hat/mask fits the bill! (Also, E.T.!!)


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 9.58.20 AM



Socks to make anyone feel like a luchadore (from


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.23.45 PM


Or these socks for bebe. Ahahahaha! (From Thumbeline.)


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.28.44 PM

And finally, truly amazing lucha libre cupcakes from Lovely Indeed!




(Bonus: for the grownups, Top Rope Lager’s packaging is a fizzy way to celebrate your inner luchadore.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.10.29 PM


12 Responses to niño wrestles the world + viva lucha libre masks

  1. Danzel says:

    Okay, everything about this post? Is. Awesome. I have to check out this book. Love the goodies you came up with!

  2. I like the baby socks, but for me – too bad! I ADORE the illos in this, but I wasn’t as swept up by the story – I’ll have to reads it again, sometimes that’s all it takes. Thanks for another fun post!

  3. Ana Quinonez says:

    Super cute blog! This would be such a great birthday party theme.

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  5. I agree with Danzel, love it ALL. Especially that grey hat/balaclava. Great blog.

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