zinnia and the bees cover!

It’s here! The cover of my debut middle grade novel, Zinnia and the Bees, is really here! I’m thrilled to share it with you (and promise to go back to regular blog programming tomorrow).




I owe an enormous thanks to Laura K. Horton for her brilliant illustration as well as a giant thank you to the design team at Capstone.

Vibrant and quirky, I couldn’t be more pleased! (Not to mention that it matches this blog perfectly.)

One of my favorite parts is that Zinnia is upside down—like her world is turned at the very start of the story. Right when she was expecting things to be the best ever, her yarn bomb flops. Next, her older brother—aka her best friend and yarn-bombing accomplice—leaves with no explanation. And then, to massively top off a whopper of a last day of seventh grade, a colony of honeybees lands in her hair!

The cover also captures the magical realism quality of the book as well as the important role the bees play: they actually collectively (and comically) narrate their own side of the story!

If you’d like to add the book on goodreads, you can find it here. Look for the Zinnia and those bees August 1st.



20 Responses to zinnia and the bees cover!

  1. Wendy Wahman says:


  2. Congratulations, Danielle! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  3. Dana Carey says:

    Love the cover. Maybe one of those times when I CAN judge a book by its cover?! Congrats!

  4. mariagianferrari says:

    Love this cover, Danielle–congrats to you!! 🙂

  5. Georgia says:

    Danielle, congratulations!!!
    I look forward to the book’s debut.

  6. I am so thrilled about this! It’s (still) just absolutely perfect. xo

  7. pegdoll says:

    How exciting… Congratulations!!

  8. Cathy Ogren says:

    Congratulations, Danielle! Love the cover. I look forward to reading your book!

  9. Fabulous cover, Danielle. So excited for you. Good luck with this title!

  10. So exciting, congratulations!!!!

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