rude cakes + rude cake craft!


Rude Cakesrude-cakes-cover-chronicle by Rowboat Watkins (out June 2, 2015!).



I’ve got a lot of love for this one. It’s a manners book infused with fun and delightfulness and cakes! (And cyclopses!!)

Come see!



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One brilliant thing about this picture book (there are many!) is the use of the plural. “Rude cakes” goes the text while we see one particular pink rude cake doing all sorts of bad behaviors, from not saying please to never listening to its parents. It calls a cute marshmallow friend, “clumsy crumb” at one point illustrating just how rude a rude cake can be.


Rude Cakes_Spread 3

I love how the elder cakes have more tiers. How Rude Cake’s companions are a cupcake and a marshmallow. The muted color palette. The cyclops stuffed animal Rude Cake carries that comes into play in a BIG way in the story. And my favorite line?


“They also think baths are dumb and that bedtime is for donut holes.”

Rude Cakes_Spread 6

Oh but Rude Cake has it coming. A real, live cyclops plucks Rude Cake from its bedroom in order to wear it as a jaunty little hat. (Cyclopses love jaunty little hats.)


Rude Cakes_Spread 10

And thus, Rude Cake is on the other end of misfortune. Not because cyclopses are rude. Oh no, they are very polite.

Rude Cakes_Spread 13

But are they polite enough to listen to a jaunty little hat who finally asks nicely to be returned home, using that magic word, “please”? You’ll have to read the book to find out.


Thanks to Chronicle Books for images!



This book calls for a craft, no? You could bake a cake! Or you could make a cute rude cake craft, one that can be worn as a jaunty little hat or kept around on a bookshelf!


Looks like frosting, but it’s actually something that will last a lot longer (and is NOT edible). Spackle!

Here’s how my dude and I made Rude Cake: We used two differently sized plastic plant tray liners taped together to form the cake shape. Then we mixed up some lightweight spackling paste and red food coloring to make a pink frosting-like material. We spread it on with a knife, super simple! After adding more red for a darker pink, we applied that with a pastry bag and decorating tip to the top and rim! Some paper circles for eyes and two more lines of “frosting” for Rude Cake’s mouth and voila!





Isn’t Rude Cake (hat) cute?! Especially since it’s no longer so rude. Just ask cupcake and marshmallow.


superfestivhatAnd, hey! You might be interested in my Hooray For Hat craft as well.







16 Responses to rude cakes + rude cake craft!

  1. tabithahuizinga says:

    This book looks so fun and the hat is very cute and jaunty!

    The rudeness theme reminds me a lot of Me First by Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger. A rude pig insists on being first at everything on his boy scout trip, until he meets a sand witch and me first’s his way into doing her bidding. I loved that one growing up!

  2. Love the rude dude hat!

  3. mariagianferrari says:

    Love it! Our library doesn’t have it, so I put it a request in through the suggest-a-title program. Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Bonnie Eng says:

    “Elder cakes have more tiers.” Hilarious!!! If I had your hat collection, this one would be my favorite. And how is it that you actually look good with a cake hat on? So adorable…love this post Danielle. 😉

  5. Deirdre O'Sullivan from Australia says:

    I just love this pushy, grumpy little gateau! This book really takes the cake! Your taste is always impeccable, Danielle – so I’ve just ordered this story for my ever-expanding collection. What I love about these madcap fables, is they make beautiful sense in a crazy kind of way….
    Have also just received THIS IS SADIE after reading your glowing review of it – and was thrilled to discover that the front cover actually turns inside out to become a free poster – that magical image of Sadie riding her white steed in the moonlight. Did you notice this ? Always bliss to get a freebie!

    • Deirdre, yes the poster/image of THIS IS SADIE is something to swoon over! Love your puns on this one and I appreciate the kind words about my taste in picture books. You adding these books to your collection makes me very happy!!

  6. This is so awesome. Love the hat craft to go with this book!

  7. Rude cakes! Wish I’d thought of this! And naturally I love love love that elder rude cakes get more tiers! Thanks for sharing this one Danielle.

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