pom pom panda gets the grumps + pom pom panda craft!

27417701Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps by Sophy Henn (2015).


Sophy Henn‘s debut, Where Bear? was exceptional. (See my post on what makes it A+). And her second picture book does not disappoint.


Pom Pom is cute as a button. He’s in a mid-century-inspired world with colors that pop while remaining pastel.






Pom Pom Grumps_Page_03(click image(s) to enlarge)

But he can’t find his blanket, his hair’s all messed up, and it’s generally a rotten day. You know the kind. To this, Pom Pom says, “Harrumph!”



Pom Pom Grumps_Page_04He takes it out on his friends when they try to play with him. He yells, “Go Away!” which is kind of like a “harrumph” blown up. The whole page explodes in red and Pom Pom’s friends are smart enough to flee.


Pom Pom Grumps_Page_05

Pom Pom is left very very alone. He realizes his mistake—that he let his grumps get the better of him. You know the feeling.

He repairs. He plays with his friends. And then, well, something small happens. Again. This may not be the end of Pom Pom’s journey. Because really, don’t we all have to learn things over and over in order for them to stick?


Thanks to Sophy Henn for images!



This is a book that calls out for a craft! That cute Pom Pom! This one’s super easy to make too.








What you need:

Black construction paper

White computer paper



Fabric glue (Elmer’s might work too)

One large white pom pom (like this)


Shave off the sides of the pom pom with scissors to make a more square-ish shape for Pom Pom’s head.

Cut out ears, a tiny sliver of a mouth shape, and the main eye patch shape from black paper. (I traced from the book, which always helps.) Then cut out white u’s from white paper. Glue all the parts in place.

You can cut out some starry shapes as well for Pom Pom’s background if you like.





marhsmallowcraft_beekleYou might also be interested in making a Beekle character!









8 Responses to pom pom panda gets the grumps + pom pom panda craft!

  1. oh i LOVE this!!! adorable. love the little craft that goes with!

  2. What? Getting grumpy? That doesn’t happen to me, ever.
    Just kidding… I’ll have to buy the book to learn to avoid the grumps! That panda is super cute.

  3. Danzel says:

    Oh my gracious! Everything about this is adorable.

  4. Happy New Year! I’ve been away quite a bit to take care of moving the family from one home to another, albeit still in San Francisco. My writing and socializing has suffered, but I’m back at it for the new year. Have missed you and your posts.

    The expression on Pom Pom’s face is priceless! And I must admit that I feel this way sometimes, too. And when I do, I tell my son I’m feeling grumpy. That it’s not him, it’s me. I’ve got to take a closer look at this book. Love the illustrations and color palette!

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