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Guys, these two books by Katie Viggers! They’re imaginative and charming and all about animals. How perfect to be paired.


Almost an Alphabet


1 to 20, Animals Aplenty



“A whimsical A to Z” indeed!

From anteater to zebra, Katie Viggers incorporates elements of soft and hard, beautiful and raw, humor with factual animal identification.















What other ABC book includes the real (and one made up—spectacled) types of bears, the drawing-anatomy of two kinds of elephants, and a Yeti?! And those jellyfish are shimmeringly gorgeous.


From Almost an Animal Alphabet by Katie Viggers, published by POW!





“A counting book with animals.” We’ve heard that before, but not like this! 1 to 20 has the trifecta of children’s literature winners: animals, numbers, AND rhymes!












And I love it. Where else are you going to get “10 kangaroos in their favorite shoes?” Oh those different shoes to spot! Birks, ballet slippers, Converse, Uggs, and Crocs look-alikes are all included.


These books are sure to delight anyone and everyone who gets their paws or claws or tentacles on them.

 From 1 to 20, Animals Aplenty by Katie Viggers, published by POW!



Thanks to powerHouse Books for the images!

I received a review copy from POW; opinions are my own. 


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  1. Gosh – so cute! Must run out and buy the 1 to 20 IMMEDIATELY!!

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