moonday + the moon in your room

moondayMoonday by Adam Rex.


A STORY story. A luminous tale. It’s daytime, but there’s a moon. It’s Moonday.



One evening, the moon lowers itself into a family’s backyard. The sun doesn’t rise the next day and the whole town is in darkness. And sleepy.



It’s a perfect scenario for a child who likes to wonder, what would happen if…?



moonday_moon(Click image(s) to enlarge.)

My favorite spreads are the ones with that bright, glowing, realistic Adam Rex moon.

When it arrives, the little girl immediately wants to crawl around on the moon. Of course she does!


“It was chalky and cold.”



I love how there’s a punk band who can only manage lullabies in the darkness of Moonday.



And I love the parents in this book. They don’t panic. They’re not afraid. (Though the mother “could do without the dogs”—the ones barking at the bright orb in her backyard).

The mother and father listen to their child. They let her climb around that moon. And they listen when she suggests taking that moon for a drive. The drive that gets the moon back to where it’s supposed to go. And stay. And be. While we go to sleep to wake up to the sun.


Thanks to Adam Rex for images!






Moons! In your room! We recently added a giant full moon sticker above our bed. And it’s marvelous. (Muffin the cat likes it too.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.40.57 PMYou can find that sticker at i3 museum if you scroll down on the page. But they have many more moon goodies too, including the same sticker that glows in the dark! Check out all the moon decor.


glowinthedarkmoonGlow in the dark Clare de Lune wall sticker.


bluemoonwaltzrugBlue Moon Waltz rug.


mooncushionNocturn by Moonlight pillow.




And if you want less of a moon commitment, there’s always this nightlight that’s under ten dollars and smaller than five inches.


To the moon!





4 Responses to moonday + the moon in your room

  1. Bonnie Eng says:

    What a cool concept for a book! A moon/space theme for a room would be so fun. I want that sticker, and I actually think the hubby would approve! 🙂

  2. Ever since I bought a moon phase poster for the wall, my little ones love talking and looking for the moon. These are great ideas 🙂

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