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What is it about Miffy? Sweet, simple books children can relate to, yes. And that bunny! Iconic design that lasts. Its minimalism. Its perfectly rabbityesque shape and face.

Its hugabunnyness.



Dutch name = Nijntje (“little rabbit”).

Created by Dick Bruna of the Netherlands.

First in the series published in 1955.

Over 30 Miffy titles.

There’s a Dick Bruna House (dick bruna huis) at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands, which has a permanent collection of Bruna’s extensive design work.



Please share Miffy memories or objects you have in the comments!







Miffy marshmallow pops from Manu’s Menus. You’re welcome!



Miffy Dream Lamp by Mr. Maria.



Miffy nanoblocks.




Miffy-faced cake from Make Do Mum.


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Miffyesque wall art by Well Rounded NY.





Miffy cushions made by Jane Foster.



Miffy manicure a la Handmade Nails.




Miffy inspired Easter egg tote from Small Fry.



Alright, that’s everything Miffy! (For now anyway.)

5 Responses to miffy books + miffy-inspired everything

  1. I think Bruna’s image is brilliant, but I think the non digital older versions have a bit more charm.

  2. Jane says:

    Thank you for featuring my cushions!

  3. ohmigosh we LOVE miffy over at our house!! she is just the cutest simple and well designed little bunbun! miffy the artist was the first book i bought my baby (when he was still in my belly!) so i have a very soft spot for miff!! sweet roundup danielle! xo

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