fortune cookies + fortune cookies!


Fortune Cookiesfortune_cookies_picturebook by Albert Bittman and Chris Raschka.



Did you guys know it’s national fortune cookie day this Saturday, Sept. 13? (I found out from another blog of course.)


While every day is a national something or other day now, I’ve been wanting to feature Fortune Cookies, the book. So this is just the excuse to do it!



One box of seven fortune cookies, one for each day of this girl’s week.

This book is a lot of fun. It has slips of paper you pull to see. It also plays with lucky number seven and the days of the week. It plays with other good luck symbols too, like a kite and a cat. Even the red of our main character’s dress.



I love how every fortune comes true. And I love how if you look closely at the first illustration, you’ll find out this girl’s name is Fortune!



The end of the book brings it all together. That box of seven eaten cookies, seven fortunes, seven days of the week, and to the reader’s surprise and delight: kittens!



Let’s take a look at fortune cookies of all kinds, shall we? Just for FUN! Giving fortunes is so great for any time of year that feels like a new beginning, be it January or September, with first weeks of school.


Beautiful porcelain fortune cookies designed by Aleksandra Pollner.

Sprinkle Fortune Cookies3

The real deal, with sprinkles(!) from Smart School House. (No actual baking required, by the way.)


Paint chip fortune cookies and takeout box!


Kind of amazing chocolate ice cream cone fortune cookies from The Cupcake Project.


Fortune cookie coin purse.


Felt fortune cookie garland DIY by Oh Happy Day.


A pewter, personalized fortune cookie by Herbert Hoover.


And pretty sweet teacher appreciation gifts by Lisa Storms.

8 Responses to fortune cookies + fortune cookies!

  1. Love it! We ordered fortune cookies with library sayings in them for the “Library Fund-a-Need” for our school fundraiser. They were a hit with kids and parents!

    Those ice cream cone fortune cookies look especially yummy. Might have to see about making them—for my son, of course….

  2. Bonnie Eng says:

    OMG what a cute post Danielle! Ok, I am a bad Chinese girl, how is it that I didn’t know that tomorrow is National Fortune Cookie Day! This book is adorable…this will be the first of many presents that I’m going to get for Maddie’s 3rd B-day in November!…for sure! 🙂

  3. Danzel says:

    Cute cute cute! This book looks precious.

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