everybody needs a rock/pebbles as art


Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor, pictures by Peter Parnall (1974). Oh, this book. It’s a desert book. About rocks. Illustrated in black and white and brown. This is what the first page says:



a rock.

I’m sorry for kids

who don’t have

a rock

for a friend.

I’m sorry for kids

who only have











they don’t have



for a friend.”


After that, Byrd Baylor‘s narrator tells you how to find a special rock via ten rules. The rock that’s just right. “There aren’t many things that feel as good as a rock—if the rock is perfect.”


It’s funny how special rocks can be. If you’re the one who found it. If you’re the one to keep it in your pocket or on your desk. If it’s your rock to skip over the water.

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I have two special rocks in my possession. They sit on the windowsill above my desk .  They were given to me by my husband last year for Valentine’s Day. I know, right? Can’t beat fossils as tokens of love. The one up there is millions of years old. It’s smooth on top. Its swirls are full of colored crystals. It reminds me of ancient and enduring things. The one below is marvelous. It glimmers in the light. It’s rough and made of cylinders. They kind of shoot out from the center in pink and silver beams.



The following aren’t exactly plain old found rocks. But they’re inspired by rocks for sure. They take something earthy and grounding and bring it to life in a new way. The only time I’ve been surrounded by rocks was on my visit to Sedona, Arizona, a magical place. So I can see how being surrounded by rocks indoors would be a pretty great alternative. Remember your pebble right?



Painted Pebbles 5 print by Garima Dhawan.




 Paper Mache Stones, M-theory, by Malin Gabriella Nordin




Felted Pebble Set by Delica




 Amazing oversized Livingstones by Smarin



stones step4

Giochi Di Carta’s DIY Painted Stones


'Contained' II web(1)

“Content” Stones by Susanna Bauer


Take a look at Danielle Heape’s pinterest board on the subject for more!

Do you have a rock? Do you want one? Need one? Did you have one as a kid? Are you going to find or make one?


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9 Responses to everybody needs a rock/pebbles as art

  1. I live in a rocky world. They’re everywhere around here. Inside and out. I don’t like rocks so much. They hurt my feet. Those rock pillows look pretty nice though. And that books is pretty lovely. Rocks in books are ok.

  2. Sara says:

    My guys would love those rocky cushions. There is a tradition where we live on the East Coast of Canada of wishing stones. They are rocks with a white band or ring running around them. When you find one on the beach you can make a wish as you throw it back into the sea.
    Also, a craft with rocks I did when my first born was small. We collected nice smooth stones and then transferred temporary tattoos (mainly bugs and butterflies and dragonflies) onto them.

  3. Katie says:

    Love the illustrations. Love rocks!!!!! Love the blog

  4. love this post – my husband has a mild rock collection (that i have a few pieces in) and we started collecting rocks for our little 14 month old Teddy when we travel- just simple ones. i love the painted pebble/rocky art theme! need to check out some of the artwork now! ^__^

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