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These two are perfect summer activity books. Imagine the hours that could be spent combing each for all the details. All the stories and characters and subplots.  They’re like Where’s Waldo but with intricate stories to follow and discover. (I’m super jealous of anyone who can enjoy these while riding in a car. They are well-suited for those not afflicted with motion sickness during road trips.)


The Bear’s Sea Escape by Benjamin Chaud (2014), follow up to The Bear’s Song (2011).



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We follow a papa bear searching for his baby bear as we look for him too. All the way from the opera house of the first installment through the cold streets to a cruise ship that sails to a tropical island.




The search is the fun of the book, spotting big bear and little bear in every spread, wanting so badly for them to find one other like we’ve found them!


Chaud’s lavish illustrations are outrageously delightful throughout. And you can almost hear what’s going on in every spread: the hustle and bustle, the music. Always, the music.


 Thanks to Chronicle Books for images!

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Welcome To Mamoko by Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński (2013).

In Mamoko, we’re introduced to a few kooky characters on the first page. Then, we follow one or two or all of those creatures on a wordless adventure.


You can pick an animal and basically discover a different story on every read through! My favorite character might be the cow in red heels, but it’s a tough call. I do love a romantic roller-skater!




Images via Big Picture Press.


This video will show you how it’s done:


I hope you know some kids who can have fun with these activity/story books this summer. And if you and yours are able to read them in a moving vehicle, then I super salute you!


I received a review copy of The Bear’s Sea Escape; opinions are my own. 



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  1. Have you seen this new thing from Flying Eye? It’s called Mr. Tweed’s Good Deeds and it’s a perfect lovematch for this post!

  2. Bonnie Eng says:

    These are so fun Danielle! I don’t know about the kids, but I want these books for myself…I used to love killing time with “Where’s Waldo!” Love the idea of papa bear searching for baby bear…too cute!

  3. Lovely illustrations! Just pinned! The photos are fantastic!

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