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this writer’s life

I’m taking a minute to let readers of This Picture Book Life know that I have a new endeavor, a companion to this blog and all the stuff I’m putting out into the world. Introducing: This Writer’s Life.

I’d like to tell you about it, and then I’ll go back to regular programming here with a picture book craft post tomorrow!

I’m super excited about this project because it combines two things I’m passionate about: writing and teaching writing to kids!

This Writer’s Life is an educational video series for 8 to 12-year-olds and their classrooms—a resource library if you will—that peeks into the writing process. That means tools, writing activities, guidance, and encouragement for young writers to help develop their unique voices and imaginations.

My goal is to show kids what writing looks like, from the inside, with honesty and tips and cheering-on in order to inspire them in their own writer’s lives. And my dream is for educators to find it of use in their classrooms. I’ve got eleven episodes up so far and lots more planned. They cover “show don’t tell,” first lines, what I learned about writing from watching Project Runway, how to get ideas, revising with punchy verbs, crafting a character, and lots more. Many of them have free, printable corresponding PDFs in the show notes as well!

And my favorite part is that each episode features someone I know and admire with advice from their own creative life! I want kid viewers to see a diverse scope of creatives from a wide variety of fields represented to inspire them.



Since you follow this blog, you might want to start with Episode 8: “Picture Book Inspiration.” I talk up loads of picture books that are either about creativity in some way or else about a famous artist or writer. They’re a big help to me as a writer when I’m looking for motivation to keep dreaming and making stuff and I hope they will be to kids—or anyone of any age!


Would you like the best way to stay up to date with This Writer’s Life? 

By subscribing to my author newsletter, you’ll get each new episode delivered to your inbox as well as a free, printable PDF if there is one that goes with that topic.

You can also subscribe to the YouTube Channel or like This Writer’s Life facebook page as I’ll post each video there as well if you prefer it. Subscriptions to the channel and video likes really help me out to show I’ve got an audience tuning in.

Thanks for reading! Please follow along and reach out if you’d like to collaborate in some way.