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lovely blogs I’m reading of late


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Since I started this blog over the summer, I’ve become a more avid blog reader than ever before. (Thank you, bloglovin.) So I thought I’d share a handful of my recent favorites here.

Have at em’!

Design of the Picture Book is the blog of my friend Carter, a fellow writer and picture book fan. With her design perspective and unmistakable voice, she demystifies  beautiful books. (And she encouraged me that this blog was a good idea and I should make it happen!)


Coco Cake Land is delicious to behold. I was lucky to discover Lyndsay’s blog when we both  attended  Alt For Everyone . Just look at these animal cupcakes (monkeys, pandas!) and this ice cream sundae cake!


I Believe in Story by Maria Vicente has really creative recurring columns. My favorite is writing advice from musical acts. Yup, JT’s got some. Jay-Z‘s got some too.


Small for Big is a blog by Mari, a toy designer. So as you can imagine it gets pretty playful over there. Favorites of late? These dolls. More dolls. Even more for littles or grownups dolls.  Also, schoolyard badge necklaces.


Advanced Style catalogs fabulous older ladies (and some gents) with serious style. It’s full of joy and I love its premise that fashion and fun are not just for the young. Plus, there’s a coloring book!


Studio DIY is exuberant. And with Halloween coming up, it has everything a crafter’s holiday heart could desire. (E.g. a donut costume? The sprinkles are hair curlers!!)


And now I want to know. I really do! What are some of your favorite blogs of late? Please comment and share.