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books to overcome the doldrums part three/virginia wolf

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Virginia Wolf written by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

You can view this one through the lens of the real life Virginia Woolf (two o’s) and her sister, painter Vanessa Bell. Or you can view it completely on its own.




Sometimes the doldrums can leave you feeling downright wolfish. You might hide. And growl. And be generally precarious to be around. That’s what happened to Virginia. Her sister, Vanessa, tried to help. But nothing could get Virginia to come out of bed.




Virginia’s silhouette is simply genius. Her shadow looks just like a wolf. Until the spell of her wolfish mood breaks and she’s a little girl again. You’ll see what I mean when you read it.



images from Isabelle Arsenault’s website, with permission


Vanessa paints a mural on the wall of Virginia’s bedroom containing all the perfect things Virginia wishes were real. A destination she’d fly to, if she could fly. It’s luscious and colorful, full of whimsy and bloom.


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images courtesy of Kids Can Press

That’s how things go from gray-blue to yellow, sunk to lifted, upside down to rightside up again. Vanessa transports her sister through her mural and the whole house goes from gloom to glad. Whew.

Here’s a roundup of ways to  transform your walls to transport yourself should you find yourself in a wolfish mood or any mood at all.

TRAVEL INTO A RETRO VIDEO GAME (The Wall Decal Shop UK) or UNDER THE SEA  (by Vinyl Lettering) with WALL STICKERS.

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GO TO OUTER SPACE (by Colorful Childhood).

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Or, my personal favorite, HELLO KITTY LAND (by Fathead).


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There’s lovely WASHI TAPE  to transform your living room to a Parisian cafe or your laundry room into a love shack.  (image)


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And for those of us looking at a keyboard all the time, minifanfan’s idea transforms a keyboard into something full of life with WASHI TAPE:




Finally, take a wall from ho hum to a lovely lush LIVING one with Woolly Pockets. You might just think you’re in a garden, a forest, or a jungle when actually inside.




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