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picture books on moving libraries

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Guys, it’s National Library Week! Both these books are inspired by real people who carried books to children; both celebrate the power of books; both honor librarians who bring stories to kids, wherever they may be.


Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile by Gloria Houston, illustrated by Susan Condie Lamb


Waiting for the Biblioburro by Monica Brown, illustrations by John Parra


Miss Dorothy wanted to be a librarian. But in the mountains of North Carolina, there wasn’t a library. Until the town thought of a Bookmobile!

Ana in Columbia had just one book she’d read so often she knew it by heart. Then, the Biblioburro (inspired by Luis Soriano) arrived in her village. He carried many more than just one book packed on his two burros. (Aptly named Alfa and Beto!)

Here are some other picture books on library (of the stand still kind) love:



1.) Library Lion; 2.) The Library; 3.) Miss Moore Thought Otherwise; 4.) Alfred Zector, Book Collector; 5.) Bats at the Library; 6.) The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians.




And now, I give you BOOKMOBILES and other vehicles for transporting books.


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The biblioburro, Luis Soriano himself. (image: Carlos RĂ©ndon Zipagauta.)


1950s Brooklyn traveling library and this article about bookmobiles at Book Riot.


Enoch Pratt Free Library Wagon, 1943.


Camel library in Mongolia, via Sci/Why and the author of My Librarian is a Camel, Margriet Ruurs.


Mobile Library in my hometown of Hong Kong.

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Street Books in Portland caters to people who live on the street.


Libibliomotocarro in Italy.


Love my local Library Store on wheels that was at last weekend’s LA Times Festival of Books.


To libraries, moving or otherwise!