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imogene’s antlers + antler accessories

9780517562420Imogene’s Antlers  by David Small (first published in 1985).


Famous Imogene who wakes up with antlers on her head one morning!


Interestingly, Imogene’s name might remind a reader of imagination. But I like to think this story is true (fiction-true anyway).






Imogene doesn’t seem disturbed to have a strange new attribute. It’s her fussy family who objects. Who wants to fix her transformation. Who wants cover it up. (Who faints a few times.)








When I asked David Small via email how he got the idea for the book, he said:


“Imogene, C’est Moi …  

a strange kid born into a family

who wanted no truck with his strangeness.”

—David Small


Isn’t he the best? I for one relate to that. Lots of kids, surely they do. All kinds of kids.





And you know who in Imogene’s world isn’t flabbergasted by Imogene’s antlers? Mrs. Perkins and Lucy. They go with the flow and find a few good uses for those new accessories.







I love this spread, with the candles on Imogene’s antlers. Her brother, too, seems to be pretty cool about the whole antlers thing. NBD, he might say today.



And that perfect reveal at the end of the book. Imogene wakes up the next day without antlers, but, um, feathers on her rump! The preceding page gives a subtle, clever hint.

(And have I mentioned how hilarious this book is? Or the animal references throughout? Just on the spread above there’s a koala, bunny, frog, giraffe. Not to mention the tabby cat and happy hound who grace so many pages.)

The reader knows Imogene’s family’s not going to welcome a peacock-girl into the family. But resilient, different, charming Imogene—she’ll be just fine.

For two picture books that follow in Imogene’s footsteps, check out A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon and For Just One Day by Laura Leuck, illustrated by Marc Boutavant.




Alright. Antlers—let’s do this! Or how to be a deer for a day and wear your difference right there on your head.

This video!!

Imogene’s Antlers from The Barkers on Vimeo.



This amazing photo project, “The Peculiar Case of Avery’s Antlers” by Lauren Athalia.



Deer Girl Doll by Gideon and Brisby.


4 DIY Reindeer Antler Horns Headband Christmas craft



DIY Antler Headband from Pink Stripey Socks



Knit deer antler cap from Tiny Owl Knits Patterns.



This antlered pair.


To antlers, to difference, to Imogene!