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five super simple picture book halloween costumes

What better way to bring a picture book to life than by dressing like its main character from the neck up for Halloween (or any time)?

Here goes: five super simple picture book Halloween costumes in a pinch!




Louise from Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light.

Materials: DIY red paper glasses and a pencil. 





Stillwater the Panda from Jon J Muth’s  Zen Shorts  series.

Materials: panda mask (mine is from Popkiller; could be handmade from paper), paper tie, and a balloon.




The boy from Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

Materials: beanie and a red and white striped shirt. (We used tape to make the stripes!)




Imogene with her antlers from Imogene’s Antlers by David Small.

Materials: brown paper, headband, armature made of electrical tape, L brackets, and skinny dowels. 



And finally, the girl who shall not be tamed from Wild by Emily Hughes.

Materials: green nesting and plastic foliage from the craft store’s floral section (and I used a swim cap to protect my real hair from all the messy fibers). 


Big thanks to my guy, Todd Davis, for his help snapping photos and creating antlers and stripes and wild green hair!


You might also be interested in my roundup of other people’s DIY fairy tale character costumes from last year. Happy Halloween!


(halloweeny) mojo 10/23/13




1.) This Moonrise Kingdom print ^ by anaiaia.


75523592.) Zen Ghosts by Jon J. Muth is my favorite Halloween picture book. It’s strange and wonderful zen magic.







33088343.) I also love Bats at the Library by Brian Lies, which isn’t about Halloween. But it has bats! And the library!







71720484.) Mostly Monsterly. It’s an inventive take on the not fitting in story with a monster who likes flowers and kittens.







71720825.) Finally, Zombie in Love. Because who doesn’t love a zombie?? (Plus, it’s by Kelly DiPucchio so you can’t go wrong.)






6.) And I’ve also been charmed by some of the literary/children’s book costumes around the web. Many here (Strega Nona!). Fantastic Mr. Fox here. Mr. RogersAnd more here. In case you missed my literary costume, it’s Amelia Bloomer!