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the princess and the pony + cozy sweaters

23604390The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton (2015).



A princess who wants to be a warrior but who usually gets cozy sweaters for her birthday. A princess who wishes for a warrior’s horse this time but gets a little, round pony who farts instead. These are what Kate Beaton’s hilarious picture book is made of.






That’s Princess Pinecone over on the right in the warrior line up, wearing one of those cozy sweaters.




There’s her birthday gift, a farting pony. While her parents got the present totally wrong, their hearts are in the right places. Throughout the book, they’re Princess Pinecone’s biggest fans and yet don’t know what to do with her.



One of the wonderful things about Princess Pinecone is that she doesn’t’ take out the pony’s wrongness on the pony. She just tries her best and prepares for an upcoming warrior battle with him.



During the battle, there’s a huge revelation. It turns out, even (real) warriors have a cuddly sweater kind of side.


Be sure and look out for fantastic details in the illustrations, from hot dogs and snorkelers in the battle scene to the band posters on Pinecone’s bedroom wall. I also love the mix of Viking-esque elements with modern day ones.


Pinecone is a champion in the end, not because she’s the meanest, awfulest warrior with the most fierce horse. She’s a champion because she’s not those things. And because she accepts Pinecone for who he is. (Farts notwithstanding.)


(Even the pony gets some cozy sweaters in the endpapers!)


Thanks to Scholastic for the first three images!




Cozy sweaters! Here’s my roundup of cutie-pie sweatshirts for kids found on etsy, the kind Princess Pinecone would be proud to wear:



Kutikati’s woodland animals sweatshirt.



David Bowie sweatshirt from Monofaces for the littlest fans.



il_570xN.597832715_chf8Two String Jane is one of my favorite etsy shops period. I mean, this rainbow splash-dyed mini-hoodie?!



il_570xN.802604656_e7zqLulu and Roo‘s installment is tiny, cozy, and geometric. Win, win, win.



Love this watercolor tiger sweatshirt from 8am Apparel.



il_570xN.826948328_ezu3Raccoon hooded (and tailed)sweatshirt from Two String Jane! The cuteness!!



il_570xN.757045660_p42bNot just a French fries sweatshirt, but French fries sporting mustaches and berets. Thank you, Ministry of Play.


One last installment from Two String Jane again because…heartbreaker hoodie.