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8 amazing ABC books + giveaway

These ABC books are stand outs, each with a special take on the alphabet in some significant way. Eight in all, here goes!



Daytime Visions 26196128by ISOL (2016).

ISOL brings the intuitiveness of children and the inventiveness of a true artist to this project, making the magic she always makes in my book.


Favorite letter: J. “I was just looking for you.” (But it’s hard to choose!).










ALPHA24727115 Isabelle Arsenault (2015).

An Alpha, Bravo Charlie ABC that explores the NATO alphabet and is mind-blowing in every way.



Favorite letter: Foxtrot.







23129944Rad American Women A-Z by Kate Schatz, illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl (2015).


Radical ladies indeed, all the way from Angela Davis to Zora Neale Hurston. This one will teach and inspire the older set.



Favorite letter: X.” …the women whose names we don’t know.” (That spread made me weep the first time I read it.)





3095038ABC3D by Marion Bataille (2009).

A pop-up ABC for the design or paper engineering crowd.



Favorite letters: I and J because of how they cleverly share a dot. 






4450223A Child’s Day: An Alphabet of Play by Ida Pearle (2008)

An ode to childhood carefree moments, the artwork in Pearle’s ABC enchants.



Favorite letter : V for view because of that kaleidoscope!





18167208Eerie Dearies by Rebecca Chaperon (2014).


An alphabet book of mysterious, strange, and sometimes mystical reasons for missing school. 26 of them.



Favorite letters: E for ennui and W for waterlogged.





ABC_CoverAwake Beautiful Child by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Gracia Lam (2015).


A wordplay take on ABC, true to AKR’s trademark. A series of A-B-C phrases follows  two children’s days with dreamy pastel retro artwork.



Favorite ABC phrase: “Always be curious.”





18209535Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White (2014).

A seasonal celebration of being outdoors (or adventuring indoors) all year long and being with friends. Plus, the most darling critters to ever grace a picture book.



Favorite letter: N. “But we take nice long naps in the grass once it’s dry.”




And, thanks to Penguin Random House Canada, I’m giving away the Barefoot Critters ABC and counting book pair by Teagan White, pictured below! One is wintry, the other summery. One alphabet, one numbers. All with adorable critters—a perfect set!



Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win Adventures with Barefoot Critters & Counting with Barefoot Critters!

(Enter until July 15th at midnight PST; open to North America only.)


eerie dearies + giveaway

18167208Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School by Rebecca Chaperon (2014).


Curious why an ABC book is one for the older set? Because it’s dark. It’s creepy in the best way (think Edward Gorey). And it’s filled with wild excuses to miss school! All topics for a slightly older someone (or much older someone!).


It requires a brave reader such as yourself.


And even if one knows her ABCs, this book has lots of advanced concepts and words. You’ll see.




Take A for example. It’s for Astral Projection. Of course it is! Sorry teachers, but I’m having an out of body experience today.


(click image(s) to enlarge.)


B is for a broken heart. (See, this book is perfect for teenagers.)

There’s Dumbstruck, Ennui (my personal favorite), Gremlins, and Juvenile delinquent. And it ends with Z for zombie apocalypse. Not your average ABC, right? In fact, it’s inventive and strange and will appeal to any creative spirit.


Rebecca Chaperon‘s artistic style is sure to please as well: painterly and delicate and exquisite in every way. I love how she incorporated vintage books as backgrounds into the illustrations of quite vintage looking girls.


“While creating the images for the book I collected a great deal of old book covers looking for colours, textures and in some cases, titles, that would inspire the illustrations for Eerie Dearies. I scavenged second-hand shops examining the outer and inner covers of the books to find the right amount of ratty-ness, out-dated design and the general patina of age!”

                                                                   — RebeccaChaperon




Perhaps my favourite reason for missing school was ‘Snow Day.’ As anyone who grew up with cold snowy winters will tell you: there are days when things just shut down. Buses, schools, teachers. In the morning, If the weather seemed bad, my parents would turn on the radio. My brother and I would sit at the kitchen table, silently eating cereal and listening with such concentration to the radio list of each school that would be closed for the day. And of course if we heard them say our school we would absolutely freak out with happiness and then spend the day playing in the snow!”

                                                — RebeccaChaperon



EerieDearies_M_Chaperon1 copy


Thanks to Rebecca Chaperon for images!  



See more of her artwork from the book in her shop. And her other original art. Another bonus: she’s got special edition versions of the book that come signed and with stickers on her website!!




Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 6.17.02 PM


Simply Read Books generously provided one copy of Eerie Dearies for one lucky reader! And Rebecca Chaperon, because she’s so great, threw in some artwork as well. And she’s packaged it up with all the class and artistry you’d expect!


The grand prize winner will receive the book, Eerie Drearies and two prints 


two winners will receive two prints by Rebecca Chaperon!

Three winners in all!


Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1.) Sign up for Rebecca Chaperon’s newsletter here.

2.) Sign up for This Picture Book Life‘s new and improved newsletter here.

3.) Leave a comment on this post with a way you once missed a day of school.


 I’ll contact the randomly chosen winners by email for your mailing addresses!

(Enter until Wednesday, June 25 at midnight; open to North American residents only—sorry about that, far flung international readers!)